Ästhetik Die Zahnkünstler Hannover

Mirror, mirror on the wall ...

You can always enhance attractiveness! - If you don’t think your teeth are beautiful enough, our dental artists will definitely find a way in esthetic dentistry to transform your smile into a piece of art.


More gentle than home bleaching. More visible, too. And with a more long-lasting effect as well. - We use gentle gels to whiten your teeth permanently. First we check any discolorations and then we use a special technology to apply those gels.


If you are annoyed by slightly misaligned teeth or gaps or if your teeth are discolored or if they show local discolorations, veneers can work miracles for you. The wafer-thin, translucent porcelain shell is usually applied to front teeth to perfectly hide what you don't want others to see. And then your appearance will be perfect.


Porcelain crowns are wonderful little masterpieces made to be perfect images of their natural neighbors in the oral cavity, carefully hand-crafted by dental technicians with great attention to detail. The difference between all-ceramic crowns and natural teeth can hardly be told. And they don’t cause allergies, as opposed to metal crowns.


Unlike composite fillings, ceramic inlays don’t wear off, so they have a long life, and they don’t cause any allergies. They are hand-crafted in a dental technician lab and their color matches the color of your natural tooth perfectly. Afterwards no-one will be able to tell the difference.


A smile displaying beautiful, straight teeth is always endearing! - Enviable, is that what you think? - It is possible, even for you! The discreet, clear aligner corrects slightly crooked and misaligned front teeth and others won’t even notice you’re wearing it because it is invisible.


The dental artists will be happy to add that perfect sparkle to your smile, to make your crown even more attractive.