Each tooth in your mouth only exists once in the whole world. So, each tooth is definitely unique. And it should be preserved and protected, just like the masterpieces of great artists. They are valuable.


Your teeth can accomplish a lot more than just chew food: In forensic dentistry the teeth preserved in the mouths of victims are compared to X-rays of missing individuals to find out who that person was. So, the unique impression of your teeth defines your identity, just like a fingerprint.


Just like clothes determine an individual’s appearance, healthy teeth well taken care of have a great impact on how people around you perceive your personality. Just think about it, no-one enjoys looking at discolored, impaired teeth or smelling the bad breath of people they talk to.


That is why our dental artists enjoy taking care of the teeth of everyone visiting our practice. No matter what nationality you are, whether you are young or old, with a statutory or a private health insurance - our hearts go out to your teeth! And that is what we want to show in our current campaign in many places around the Vahrenheider Markt.