Beruhigungsmethoden Die Zahnkünstler Hannover


Our dental artists want you to be relaxed during your treatment – without any pain or fear. We therefore consider the proper calming approach for you, together with you, before we even start the treatment.


You know this: You press painful or tense spots on your own body without even being aware of it, to relieve the discomfort, for you almost always find one of those numerous acupressure points. That is what our dental artists also do during your treatment, when we notice that you are getting restless—but we then press those points that we know will help you in a more targeted way.


Dental phobic patients and lovers of alternative medicine can also get a hypnosis to have a relaxed and painfree treatment. We will put you in a hypnotic state of trance where your perception is limited and our alternative practitioner guides your attention to pleasant images and feelings.


Sometimes just getting a sedative will be sufficient to make your treatment in our chair more comfortable. In a preliminary discussion with one of our dentists, we will determine which medication is the right one for you.*


A mild sleeping pill, together with the complete elimination of pain, can be used to make the treatment easier. Our anesthetist will then help you doze off. You will keep breathing on your own and for us you will remain awake and responsive. But you will not remember the time of the treatment.*


And if the operation should be a bit more extensive, so the relaxation approaches described above are not sufficient, we will perform your treatment under general anesthetic. However, preparations for such an intervention require more effort and they must be planned well by our dentists and the anesthetist.*

* Please note that this calming approach will unfortunately leave you unfit for driving a car for several hours afterwards.